B. Good Productions, LLC is a holistic media organization with storytelling at its foundation and education as its core.

B. Good exploits visual media to its fullest potential toward inciting critical thinking and cultivating engaged citizens.

Each production is essentially “Social Studies” touching on civics, history, social trends, humanities, current events or some combination thereof. B. Good’s ultimate goals are:

  1. To update and resurrect the “afterschool special,” hour-long television-movies advocating social responsibility and made popular in the 80′s and early 90’s.
  2. Public/Educational distribution, aiming to bulk projects with unit plans for utilization within public school classrooms along with public screenings.
  3. To mainstream marginalized history, particularly that of indigenous peoples and disenfranchised peoples, toward fuller integration into standardized educational canons.

Each of these goals stems from an overwhelming need to BRIDGE THE GAP. In many public school classrooms statewide performance standards and social skills/norms are not taught harmoniously.

B. Good uses both narratives and documentaries to bridge the gap between these two non-opposing forces, both necessary for upward mobility and community progress.

B. Good defies genre, straddling the necessary middle ground between parents and youth.  If our work had to be classified, it would be “PG-13,” warranting families to watch together.

B. Good firmly believes in universal humanity along with the power of film & television to condense multiple intelligences and simultaneously entertain.  Used efficiently, the screen can not only serve as a classroom tool, but also intertwine socialization and civics on a broader scale in the form of feature films and television series.