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Blind Date, TRT 12:54 (formerly Soul t’ Soul)[Fall 2007][EXCERPT]


Find your soulmate…without looking.

Blind Date from Tamika Guishard on Vimeo.

Fred is the last person that Viola, striking and masculine, expected to find on her search for wholesome comfort food…to heal her broken heart.

Against East Brooklyn’s organic reality, V and her ‘date’ learn to lean on each other in this complex coming-of-age tale.

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Mirror Mirror, TRT 4:13 [Fall 2006*]

Mirror Mirror (2009) from B. Good Productions (GUisHard) on Vimeo.

Reflections of love.

This silent film is an exercise in visual storytelling.   Shot on 16 mm. B&W film, Mirror Mirror is a chance meeting between two people that are picture-perfect.  Their potential for a match made in heaven is undeniable despite the fact that they have never met…happily ever after?

Click HERE to view production stills from Mirror Mirror.

CHIVALRY, TRT 8:02 [Spring 2007]

There’s no honor among thieves.

Chivalry is an urban adaptation of an ancient Korean folktale.  We peak into the lives of three childhood friends who trust each other despite the fact that they’ve just pulled a heist.  In meeting to celebrate and divvy up the goods, they bring gifts that will forever change them and teach a crooked cop the lesson of his life.

JACKIE., TRT app. 18:00 [Projected Fall 2010]

A match between Mother & Daughter:  At stake?  A boy’s life.

Jackie. – Viral Teaser for Finishing Funds (NYU Graduate thesis film) from tamika guishard on Vimeo.

Jackie. – Viral Teaser for Finishing Funds (NYU Graduate thesis film) from tamika guishard on Vimeo.

A friendly dinner takes a wrong turn in “Jackie.” The story of an Ivy Leaguer and her birth-mother who find out that their similarities are disturbingly strong and first impressions can never be undone.

Having grown up in East New York’s volatile child care system, Jackie Isley is armed with street and book-smarts upon meeting ”Ronnie” for the first time.  Looking more like her sister, Jackie soon learns that not only is she the product of a teenage pregnancy, but also that her mother is out for blood…

This is where our match begins.

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African Burial Ground Digital Diaries, TRT 6:53 [Summer 2009][3 of 6]

As a Park Ranger at this site, I was charged to produce video vignettes in collaboration with TRUCE, Harlem Children’s  Zone’s Renaissance University for Community Education for the National Park Service and WNET.  The production crew was comprised entirely of this organization’s teenaged women.  Digital Diaries was part of’s web-launch for “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea,” a Ken Burns film.

Click HERE to see all six interviews and find out more about the African Burial Ground National Monument.

Wounded::Sovereign, TRT 14:08 [Summer 2007]

This ROUGH CUT was produced for a baby boomer cable network as part of a series that takes a look at pivotal, historical moments of that generation.  Although they had a ready-made list of show topics, I was sanctioned to do this uncharted piece on Native American Treaty Rights Activism of the late 60′s/early 70′s .  The segment was set for narration by Nick Clooney and to air nationally later that year.  It contains lots of archival footage and stills along with interviews with key indigenous leaders including Dennis Banks of the American Indian Movement (AIM).

Roundtable #1, TRT 8:46 [Winter 2007]corner_page001

On January 26, 2007 approximately thirty young, black professionals met to discuss contemporary issues pertinent to developing our community.  The gathering was called “Input v. Advocacy” and entailed a “meet & greet” along with groupthink and share-outs.

The NOTES from ROUNDTABLE #1 can be accessed HERE.

Baker’s Men, TRT 5:11 [Winter 2006]

In this dynamic documentary about a Brooklyn confectionary, the bakers at Fort Greene’s Cake Man Raven show off their skills with the cakes and the customers.  These three young men change from hooded jackets and fitted baseball caps into aprons and bakers’ pants daily—and we’re all better for it.

Hip Hop Gurlz, TRT 7:51 [Winter 2002]rooftop_page001

Hip Hop Gurlz examines the effect of hip-hop music videos on girls’ self-esteem.  A diary style documentary, this piece is my first venture after “Intro to Film/Video,” a spring semester elective course at the University of Pennsylvania.  It asks critical questions about television’s growing impact in shaping urban youth.  HHG has been screened at a number of venues: NYC public schools, “Feminism and Hip-Hop” the first scholarly conference of its kind at the University of Chicago, and at an event for female juvenile offenders, also in Chicago.

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