director’s statement


Storytelling is an unmatched art whether in the classroom, a Ranger hat, on-stage, on-screen or on “the corner.”  For me, an oral historian is as powerful as a writer/director for this reason.

Filmmaking particularly fascinates me because of its “x-factor.”  Given a two-dimensional palette, I have no boundaries (visual, intellectual, spiritual) as to how to communicate the world of my story–that third dimension.

“Holistic media” is my way of using ALL of the communicative tools that I’ve been afforded, and am still learning, to brand a body of work whose “whole is more than the sum of its parts,” for anyone to see.


If the sport of boxing is a dance, this film (super 16mm) is its music.  Each shot, a note in its song…this story is the match.

I am excited to direct this short while its overtones and subtext are virtually interchangeable.  It will challenge me to clearly relay each character’s want  while sufficiently clouding her mind.  And also to convey this idea of traditionally masculine sparring taking place within a very charged, womanly world.

This story of survival and sacrifice should be told irrespective of its medium.  I feel lucky to be able to tell it with film.