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B. Good “Writer’s Wing” is an arm for producers, directors, artists and educators with a story to tell and/or who want to tell a story.

Given the number of steps between the page and the screen, we are a factory for screenplays and treatments.

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Arrows Hi-Fi

L Renee Linton is a woman on a mission.  A Brooklyn-based elementary school teacher, she spends her days in the school year cultivating young minds and her “off-time” cultivating the legacy of one of reggae’s pioneering dancehall sound systems–Arrows Hi-FI.

Arrows Hi-Fi is the brainchild of her Father Ivan “Sonny” Linton and Uncle Phillip “Bilbo” Linton. Its humble roots can be traced back to Newton Square, Kingston, Jamaica where the sound system was built from exclusive dub plates, a turntable, amplifiers and speakers boxes made out of a sardine cans by their Nephew Robert Johnson a.k.a (R.O.).

Dance hall music is a worldwide phenomenon, having traveled from Jamaica to Japan and back.  Arrows Hi-Fi was the first sound system to blaze trails and travel internationally, from Jamaica to London, in the late 1980′s.

Although dance hall music has purported controversial lyrics about violence and women, Ms. Linton tells a different story: that of ARROWS HI-FI with its creative and ingenious minds, competitive spirit and feel-good rub-a- dub tunes.

After a long hiatus can one of dance hall’s legendary sound systems make a comeback?